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Tip #11 - Reviving Play Dough

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Tip #11 - Reviving Play Dough

Dec 17, 2013
Other Tips, Misc, House

You have some play dough for the kids but never get it out because it's dried out. Or it's too messy because it is drying out.

Revive it, instead of tossing it!


Today, I wanted to show you how to bring life back to your play dough.

Now, you know when it gets crumply, and crumbles up really bad, it makes a bigger mess than when if it's brand new. So in order to make it like it's brand new again, bring life back to it, we just add water to it. You just kind of squish it back together.

Now you want to be careful, as you can see, the color can get everywhere. You want to be careful to wear a shirt that you don't mind getting the color on it. And do it in a sink that you know won't get stained. I'm wearing a blue shirt because this is blue.

But you just work the play dough in your hands. You won't be able to do all the different jars of play dough that you have because your hands start to cramp up a little bit.

But, you just keep adding a little bit of water to it. It will be kind of slimy and you feel like you're getting too much water, but as you work that water in there, you'll realize that you need a little bit more and a little bit more until it gets soft enough to where it was when you first bought it.

Work it a little bit more.

And mine wasn't quite as dried out as some play dough that we've had is. But just as long as you can kind of squeeze it like this, you can revive it and just add water back into it.

Now you can kind of see how it's a lot softer and not crumpling up as much as it was. It comes apart a lot easier.

And that is how you revive your play dough so it's not as messy and the kids can play with it even longer.

Now, one thing I try to make sure of at the very end, is to not leave it shiny wet like that. You know when it's wet like that. You want to get it so it's soft but to where it's not shiny and wet where it's going to splatter water everywhere when the kids pull it out of the jar.

So, just go like that and there you go. You've got play dough that you can play with again.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments below and we appreciate you coming today.

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